BMW engines for sale

BMW N47 Engine Head Block and Sump for Sale

N47 engine head block and sump

Used BMW N47 Engine Head Block and Sump

Suitable for the following models:

  • E90
  • E82
  • E87
  • E83

Price: R32500 on engine swap.




Learn how twin turbo BMW engines work

BMW’s TwinPower Turbo engines have been in many of the automaker’s cars since 2011. TwinPower technology is in the majority of the cars on the market. The name Twin Power Turbo sounds like it has two turbos, but that’s not the case.

What TwinPower refers to is rather the fitment of one “twin-scroll” turbo. With a twin-scroll turbo, you can get more power as well as efficiency.

In a standard turbo, gas is fed from the exhaust manifold and into one channel to power the engine turbine. Twin-scroll systems put the gas into two channels to use different parts of the turbine blades. The outside of the turbine blades are made to rotate faster by directing high pressure air there.

The smaller channel improves turbo response at low speeds. The channels can vary in size, but one single concept always remains. Twin-scroll ensures a better low-rev response and linear power delivery.

Variable geometry wheels are the key to Twin Power Turbo BMW engines

In the pursuit of performance and efficiency, BMW’s engines have grown in complexity. TwinPower Turbo engines, including the M550d xDrive, are more efficient than conventional ones. They use twin-scroll technology and have three turbochargers with variable turbine geometry. A turbine’s vanes separate from the turbine and stand apart, contracting them would form a circle around the turbine which would block airflow. When the air is low, small vanes surround the turbine to encourage airflow from incoming air. The airflow is then accelerated before hitting the turbine blades. The vanes are the key cog in the air handling process. They open wide to let in more air, but they also compress and accelerate anything passing through them.